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A professional wedding nanny can be hired for all or part of your wedding day and will keep little ones entertained for as long as you require. By hiring a wedding nanny, parents will have peace of mind that their children are in good hands so they are able to relax and enjoy your special day. If you're having children at your wedding, a wedding nanny might be your best investment!

How Much Do Wedding Nannies Cost?

The cost of a wedding nanny depends on how long you hire them for, how many children they need to look after and their ages.

Typically, the average cost per nanny for a wedding creche starts at £15 per hour and you’ll want to use a nanny service that follows OFSTED guidelines for child to carer ratios. These are one adult to every three children aged 0-2 years; one adult to every four children aged 2-3 years; and one adult for every eight children aged 4+.

Contact each agency for a bespoke quote and see what you get for your money. For a basic rate, nannies tend to play games with the kids, supervise mealtimes, do a few crafts and put a Disney film on to entertain them; for a higher budget, you can have a whole storytelling experience with fancy dress boxes, a disco, treasure hunt, face painting and more.

This isn’t time to go for the cheapest option - safety is paramount. Ensure the nanny agency have DBS checks, insurance and paediatric first aid training.

What Is a Wedding Nanny Responsible For?

Wedding nannies are responsible for providing entertainment for the children, supervising mealtimes (but not providing the food), taking children to the toilet, and putting them to bed if you have hired them for the evening too. They keep all your young guests safe, happy and entertained while older guests party.

Ultimately it will come down to how long you’ve hired them for. You can hire wedding nannies for a few hours through the ceremony and reception meal to a full day until the dancing ends. Some service also do ‘morning after’ childcare, but you will have to provide accommodation for these nannies.

How Do We Tell Guests We’re Having a Wedding Nanny?

If you’re going to hire a wedding nanny then be sure to let guests bringing children know in advance. A note on your wedding invitations or a personal phone call to relevant guests would be a really nice touch! If you plan on hiring a wedding nanny for your big day, be sure to add this to your wedding budget in advance.

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