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Tipi and Yurt Wedding Venues

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  • Riverside Barns

  • Scrivelsby Walled Garden

  • Cotswolds Under Canvas

  • Oakmere Events - Wedding & Events Venue

  • Tipis at Whatton House

  • Yorkshire Lavender

  • Welford Park

  • Mill Farm Lurgashall

  • The Firs Weddings and Events venue

  • Weddings at Oasis Lodges

  • Wildswim2sauna

  • Carlton Manor

  • Chew Valley Weddings

  • Oakfield Gardens

  • Sheepy Meadows

  • The Salix Yurts

  • Woodland at Wroxeter

  • Swan Tipis

  • Fron Farm Yurt Retreat

  • Oaktree Farm

  • The Tipis At Riley Green

  • Rylands Farmhouse & Events

  • Stoke by Nayland Hotel, Golf & Spa

  • Cress Lake Weddings

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Tipis and Yurts Wedding Venues

Tipis and yurts make the perfect rustic setting for a wedding in spring and summer. Half open to the outdoors, these structures are ideal on a sunny day and let you really embrace nature and create an indoor-outdoor vibe. String them with fairy lights, use lots of flowers and rustic fabrics, and you’ll have a boho-luxe venue in no time!

There will not be a permanent structure at most sites with tipis and yurts so your supplier list will need to include toilet facilities, mobile food vans and bars that come with their own kitchens and fridges. An experienced outdoor wedding venue will have lots of recommended suppliers you can choose from so don’t panic.

If you want to continue the theme, many couples who marry in a tipi or yurt offer glamping to their guests on the site. You could turn it into a whole wedding weekend of fun and activities!

If you’re considering a rustic wedding, take a look at these tipi and yurt wedding venues.

What’s the Difference Between a Tipi and a Yurt?

Both tipis and yurts were designed for nomadic communities to be able to pack up and carry with them, but there are some differences in their styles.

Tipis are like pointed cones in shape, while yurts are round with a pitched roof. Tipis don’t have ‘walls’ in the same way a yurt does - instead there are flaps which can be rolled up to open the tipi to the outside and expose the large wooden frame holding the structure up. A yurt will have designated doorways. Yurts are considered to hold a much more consistent heat than tipis so are ideal on cooler days or in the rain.

Can You Get Legally Married in a Tipi or Yurt?

Currently a venue must be licensed to host legal weddings, and only fixed and permanent venues are allowed to have a license. This means pop-up venues like yurts and tipis cannot host legal weddings. Most couples will just pop to their local register office to have a quick legally-binding ceremony before the big day and don’t see it as a big thing.

These rules are under consultation with the government to change, in which case ceremonies would be legally able to happen anywhere. We should know later in 2022 if it goes through.

How Much Does a Tipi or Yurt Wedding Cost?

Many venues with tipis and yurts offer all-inclusive packages that come with catering, décor, lighting and toilets, plus set-up and take down fees, so you don’t need to worry about extra suppliers.

The cost of venue hire can vary greatly. For example, the more guests you have, the more space you’ll need, which could require two or three interlinked tipis or a separate dance floor yurt. The cost for a single tipi or yurt usually starts around £2,500.

Frequently asked questions regarding Tipi and Yurt

What factors should you consider before hiring a tipi or yurt for a wedding?

If you're in search of a tipi or yurt for your wedding, you'll need to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, consider how many guests will be attending to ensure you choose one that is large enough. Next, check your venue's outdoor spaces to make sure it has enough level ground for you to have the tipi or yurt set up. Finally, if you need lighting or music, make sure the venue or tipi provider can offer a power source.

Should I choose a tipi or a yurt for my wedding?

Tipis and yurts have several main differences. A tipi is a simple, conical structure, supported by tension from several poles that are staked into the ground, while a yurt is a more intricate, rounded that can include windows and a door. You'll find tipis and yurts in varying sizes to accommodate your guest list. Choosing one over the other is a matter of taste and budget.

Do wedding tipis and yurts offer catering?

Some tipi and yurt suppliers are able to include catering in their rental price, while others only supply the tipi or yurt set up. You can check this information in their listing on

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Tipi and Yurt . Preston, Lancashire

The Salix Yurts

5.0 out of 5 rating, 6 reviews
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Oaktree Farm

5.0 out of 5 rating, 22 reviews
 · Tipi and Yurt . Newark, Nottinghamshire

Oakfield Gardens

5.0 out of 5 rating, 2 reviews
 · Tipi and Yurt . Worcester, Worcestershire

Elms Meadow Tipi Weddings & Events

Tipi and Yurt . Kettering, Northamptonshire

Cockley Woodland Wedding

5.0 out of 5 rating, 3 reviews
 · Tipi and Yurt . Wakefield, West Yorkshire

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