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  • Rathbones Tailor Suit Hire

  • ETCH Custom Suits

  • Suits Me

  • Suit Savvy

  • Fox in the House

  • Dapper Chaps Formal Wear

  • House Of Cavani

  • Regent street

  • Jurio Luti

  • Collective 13 Clothing

  • Ben Lawrence

  • Freddie Hatchet Cookstown

  • McCalls of Lisburn

  • Cookham Formal Hire & The Cookham Tailors

  • Scarlet Bloom

  • Atom Retro

  • Enoksen Watch Company

  • Red Groomswear

  • Dandylion Style

  • Diamond Occasion

  • English Cufflinks


  • Menswearr - The Legend of Fashion

  • The Bowtie Boutique

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Choosing Your Groomswear Attire

Whether it be a traditional top hat and tails or Scottish kilt, you’ll be sure to find a shop stocking your perfect groom attire near your home or wedding venue.

Some couples choose to hire wedding suits for the groom and his party, but others may just choose to invest in a sharp suit to wear time and time again. Decide whatever is going to be most cost effective for you before you go shopping.

What Should a Groom Wear?

There are lots of different groomswear attire options, from cultural outfits like the West African Dashiki to formal morning suits and informal linen chinos and shirts.

What you choose to wear is really down to the formality of your wedding, plus what season you’re marrying in. You’ll want a warmer fabric like wool or velvet in winter and a breathable linen or cotton suit in the summer.

Before you go shopping, make sure you’ve discussed your wedding colour scheme with your partner and come to some basic decisions on fabric and how formal your groom’s attire should be.

Don’t forget to shop for accessories to go with your groom attire when you’re out and about; from wedding shoes to socks, cravats, ties, top hats and more, you should be able to find it all in one store!

Should I Go Shopping With My Partner?

This is entirely up to you and how comfortable you feel making a decision on your outfit. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you’re on the same page about colour and style. The shop assistants will be invaluable sources of advice while shopping; don’t forget to ask their opinion and take along a friend too.

Should a Same-Sex Couple Wear Matching Groomswear?

If there are two grooms, you’ll need to make sure that your suits don’t clash with each other, but that doesn’t mean you want matching outfits either. Your wedding day outfit should reflect your personality and be something you feel truly comfortable in.

One easy way to make sure your groomswear is complementary is to go shopping for your suits together. If you’d rather keep your suits secret until the big day, then you can decide on a colour scheme you’ll stick to, or even create Pinterest boards with ideas so your partner can see your vision.

Frequently asked questions regarding Groomswear Shop

When should I make an appointment to try on wedding suits?

Grooms should start looking for their wedding suit 6 months before the wedding and should choose a suit at least 4 months before the big day to allow time for fittings and adjustments.

What is the best shop to buy groom suits from?

The best shop for a groom should cater to his fashion taste, comfort needs, budget preferences and is ideally nearby to allow for fittings and easy communication. In case the groom is unsure of what he wants, the shop assistants should be able to offer options and help find the perfect wedding suit.

How should I choose my wedding suit?

There are innumerable wedding suit styles, so finding it can seem like a daunting task. Nonetheless, a wedding suit should be weather appropriate, comfortable, and adjustable in case of weight gain or loss. The suit should fit the groom's personal fashion sense as well as the style of the wedding.

What are the most popular groom suit styles?

The most common wedding suit styles tend to be classic cuts, dinner jackets, full or medium length suits, morning coats and black tie suits. That said, more and more grooms are opting for original suit styles with personalised details.

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